Phone shutting down after long phone calls


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Nov 17, 2009
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I am a wireless administrator for a medium sized company and have a user that got the Droid last week.

Three/four times now, his phone has shut down and become unresponsive following a long (30 min plus) phone call, requiring him to pull the battery to reset the phone. The last time this happened, the phone would not turn on until he plugged it into the wall charger. The phone showed a full charge prior to the long conversation that triggered this latest event.

Any ideas on this? Should I instruct him to return the phone?
Additionally, user also reports blinking RED notification light when phone is shut off and unresponsive. He does not have any applications installed that are capable of changing notification light color.
Wow, no ideas on this issue at all?

Is anyone else having this problem following long phone calls?
I think the problem her is that sometimes remaining battery charge is somehow miscalculated, hence phone is shutting itself down.
I’ve had somewhat similar experience yesterday: phone was on a charging dock when I have noticed the red light, picked it up to see WTF is wrong and got the message that
Battery is down to last 10% and I should connect it to the power source or it will shut itself down…
Put it back on a dock – red light went away, picked it right back up and it showed battery @ 100%.

Now, before I but it on a dock it had about 70% of battery left in it, it was sitting there charging for about 30 min before I noticed red light and a dock was connected just fine.
So the only reason for this incident would be a software glitch/bug that produced incorrect reading and triggered kind of “OMG I’m going to die!” response from the droid.

Interesting. Thanks for the link to that thread, cereal. User does not have ATK, but does have a few other apps. He has Astro File Manager installed and uses the task killer that is a part of that app. I'd rather not instruct him to perform a hard reset, but might ask him to uninstall Astro and see if that does it.

Boris, I think that's part of the issue as well. I have battery data from when the phone shut down yesterday, and it drained to 5%. User had been charging the phone off of his laptop, and looking at the data, it only charged to about 40%. I have no idea if the laptop was off or sleeping and that's why it didn't charge fully, or if there's just something wonky about charging off the USB port, but I have instructed user to charge off of a wall socket. Battery data does show the phone went from 5% to 100% in 70 minutes when plugged into the wall.

Thanks for the ideas!