Phone return?


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Nov 7, 2010
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Has anyone heard of someone sending getting rid of their phone due to to it have having multiple problems constantly? Because my DX is having major issues and i'm fed up with it. I want to get the Thunderbolt in hopes that HTC is better than Motorola

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Re: Returning Phone

Ha! Good luck! I've had multiple problems with my Droid X since the day after I bought it and have gotten NO help whatsoever from neither Verizon customer service or the Verizon Wireless store I purchased it from. And I've only had it for a month! My droid's list of problems includes: 3G disappearing in high signal areas and having to restart the phone to get it back, phone freezing, phone randomly and repeatedly shutting itself off or restarting, screen going black, phone refusing to turn on, and 2/3 of my screen is filled with fuzzy black and gray lines. I've complained to Verizon since the day after purchase and the only thing they tell me is to take the battery out or keep resetting it back to manufacturers default and refusing to give me a replacement. NOW that I've had the phone for 30 days, they are willing to replace it WITH A USED PHONE! I did not pay for a used phone. Needless to say, Verizon sucks and so does the Droid X. I have not been happy with either at all. If you somehow figure out how to get Verizon to replace a defective product with what you should have gotten in the first place, PLEASE let me know.