Phone never asked for a Bluetooth PIN


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Aug 2, 2010
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I'm trying to pair my Droid X with the Kenwood DNX9140 in my car. The phone scans for devices just fine, finds the device "DNX9140", but when I select "Pair with this device", I get this error:

There was a problem pairing with DNX9140 because the PIN or Passkey is incorrect.

The stink of it is that the Droid X never asked me for a PIN and I haven't been able to find a place to enter one.

I've also tried changing the PIN on my DNX9140 to "0000" with no luck.

Can anyone help?
I'm having same problem with Jabra Cruiser2 in-car speakerphone. My phone sees the Jabra Cruiser2 but when I click on pair and connect I get the message that the PIN or Passkey are incorrect.
I believe that you need to enter the pass key in the car not the phone. That's what I did on my RX 350.
I have the same issue with my EVO 4G and my Kenwood DNX9960. Must be an HTC/Kenwood thing. Only cure for me has been a software update. If it ever works, don't unpair if you can help it; gums up the works. Any reliable fix would be cool to hear...
According to the DNX9140 Instruction Manual you need to go into settings for bluetooth and have the radio search for the phone NOT the phone search for the radio.

See page 75

I know a lot of cars are like this that the radio unit has to start the pairing process not the phone.
Unfortunately, making the phone discoverable and searching from the Kenwood finds the phone, but choosing the phone only causes the two devices to blink a bit with no change in their pairing. I'm going to attempt installing Bluetooth Module 3.12.0 over itself to see if perhaps it knocks something loose. I never would have unpaired them, but the DNX was showing only my Facebook contacts with phone numbers, not any of my People contacts, as in the ones I'd actually care to call. I'll let you know...
Problem pairing bluetooth headset

I believe that you need to enter the pass key in the car not the phone. That's what I did on my RX 350.
I'm facing the same problem pairing my bluetooth headset. My phone doesn't ask for pairing key but shows some strange key with no option to change. This later gets rejected and the pairing fails.