Phone lockscreen doesnt work, and power/home button doesnt turn screen on


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Aug 28, 2011
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Okay, so my phone is been acting up (I suppose you already assumed that though, seeing as this is the forum section where people post tech issues...). Anyways though, today I was using my phone, I had Go Launcher set as my default home screen, but didnt like it, so I unistalled it. Then it asked me which home screen app I wanted to use. I picked launcherpro. Then as I was changing my background, my phone rebooted, and after it when through the boot animation, it had a notification bar, and everything else was black, no lockscreen, nothing... Then the screen auto-turned off, and neither the power or home button turned the screen on. I pulled the battery, same thing, no lockscreen. I eventually did get the lock screen to show, but it was stuck at 4:00pm january first, and the lockscreen was unresponsive. I know the digitizer isnt broken, because I called it and was able to decline the call. Any suggestions?

Nevermind, I had to do a factory reset, it pained me, so far on Zenonia 3... ;D haha, but now it works!