Phone keeps turning off and restarting


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Mar 9, 2013
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Hi everyone,
Ive had my driod 4 for over a year and I just started having problems with it. The phone turns off by itself when I'm using it. It has gotten so bad that once it restarts I have only a few minutes with the phone on until it restarts again. Just did a hard reset and keeps happening. Any help please!>>!>!/1/1/1/????!!


Oct 8, 2011
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Any help please!>>!>!/1/1/1/????!!

Easy there, don't forget to breathe.

If your phone just all the sudden acquired this issue as opposed to gradually becoming this way, there has to be a cause behind it.

Did these resets begin after installing a certain app or making a change in the phone's data? If something doesn't play well, it can cause reboots. I recommend trying to undo any changes that may have caused something to disagree with your phone. If that change isn't clear, can't be fixed, or doesn't help the problem, I'll start throwing out standard trouble shooting advice.

Perform a factory reset if you can't fix the problem. This will wipe all data from your phone and hopefully eliminate the issue if it is data related. It might be a pain in the butt to lose your stuff, but at least the phone will work.

Sbf your phone to the official ics release if that doesn't work. This will revert your phone to an out of box condition and is a much more thorough reset.

Consider speaking to Verizon if those don't help. If the previous suggestions aren't helping, it would fair to think that perhaps there is a hardware failure, perhaps something to do with the battery.

Be patient and try everything you can. Good luck.

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