Blank Screen after Moto logo on startup


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Feb 10, 2013
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My Droid 4 goes to a blank screen after the Motorola logo appears during startup. I've followed the steps from Verizon's online tech support and wiped the data and attempted to reboot. However, when I try to reboot it just goes back to the blank screen after the Moto logo, as though nothing has changed. What can I do?

Some background info:

I've been unable to power off the phone completely for a couple of weeks. Powering off the phone with the power button always resulted in an automatic restart.
I've had to restart the phone about once per day during the last couple of weeks.
Before tonight, this blank screen thing was happening on about 3/4 of restarts. I just used soft reset over and over again until the phone would power up properly. Again, this started about 2 weeks ago.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Oct 8, 2011
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To force a shut down on the phone, hold power and volume down until it shuts off. So you've already entered the recovery and done a factory reset and the problem still persists? Hmm.

The next logical step above a factory reset would be to sbf it back to stock. You'll need the Moto usb driver and the program rsd lite found in the thread here:

Do NOT use the sbf files in that forum though, you need the ICS sbf file, not Gingerbread ones. You can get that file at:

Make sure you have a well charged battery. When your phone is off, I believe power and volume down will get you into fastboot mode. Flash the sbf file using rsd lite

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