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Nov 14, 2009
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I've been dealing with this god damn problem since day one and have tried retraining my finger movements to type on this keyboard, but about 40% of the time I hit the edited by moderator period instead of the spacebar. At first I didn't find it too annoying, but I like being grammatically correct so now when I send a text it looks like I pause after every other word or so because I no longer feel like doing back and replacing my accidental period with a PROPER space..

I see a clear solution and all they have to do is make the period button the same size as any other key, and make the spacebar slightly bigger.. its such a simple fix I wish I was good enough at coding to do it myself..

But anyways, my main question is... Does this happen to anyone else or are my fingers retarded!?!??!
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your fingers are retarded.

haha, jp.

i have the same issue once in a while, but i've been using the voice to text feature a lot. it's incredible how close the voice recognition is on this's really close to being almost as good as the medical transcription software i've used.
try a different keyboard - different keyboards will have different layouts

swiftkey, bettercut, and swype are all the ones i have on my DX

Edit: I meant better keyboard (bettercut is a home replacement)
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easily fixable.. get Better Keyboard. i LOVE this app.. makes the keyboard buttons 10x easier to hit without errors. also, the space bar is like 3x as wide as any other button.. not to mention it is skinnable with a ton of cool ****. check it out dude, you won't be disappointed.

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i have the same problem. i am tryig to get used to putting my right hand more over towards the center of the X but a new keyboard for me is the best idea.
This happens to me all the time and it annoys the crap outta me. Lol
Yeah, I should just try a different keyboard, smokie yours looks pretty good, and your pretty confident in it so I think I'm gunna give Better Keyboard a try. I'll let ya know how it is, thanks for the responses guys dancedroid
I hit the edited by moderator period

Oh man, I am tired. I read this as - literally - "the edited by moderator period" and could not for the life of me figure out what the heck and edited by moderator period was! lol