PDANet+ "WiFi Share" doesn't seem to do anything...


Dec 3, 2009
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Mableton, Georgia, USA
I have PDANet+ v. 4.15 installed on both my laptop and my Galaxy S4. I have a great 4G Internet connection via USB-tether between my S4 and my laptop... (SpeedTest.net shows 22.29 Mbps down and 2.58 Mbps up.) I'm using my PDANet+ USB-tethered connection to write this post right now. It's clearly working perfectly.

On the laptop, if I right-click the PDANet icon in the tray in the lower-right corner, there is an option called "WiFi Share...", which I assume will allow me to use the WiFi card in my laptop as if it were a WiFi hotspot, sharing my USB-connected phone with any WiFi devices near my laptop...

But when I click on that WiFi Share option, it does absolutely nothing... How do I get this WiFi Share option to work?

(In case you're wondering, the reason I'm trying to get this to work is because I expect to lose my PDANet+ WiFi hotspot ability if/when Android 4.4 is released for the S4, but I still need to have a WiFi hotspot even if I have to use my laptop to do it -- thus I really want to get this WiFi Share option working on my laptop, just in case.)

FYI: My laptop is running Windows 8.1, and has a Killer Wireless-N 1202 dual-band WiFi card installed.

Thanks for any help you can provide,
Set up a pin on your s4,open pda net/fox fi(I also installed foxfi and foxfi add-on) and turn on wifi. Your phone is now a " wireless router" and have created the hotspot. You shouldn't need pda net turned on on your laptop. Your laptop should recognize your phone hotspot. Make sure to set up a password for pda net on your phone so ppl aren't leeching off your phone data.
I think 4.4 screws up plant and foxfi so they don't work. Pressure from carriers is my guess
It has been mentioned not to upgrade OS otherwise it will not work

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