Password Protecting Email/gMail Apps


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Jul 4, 2010
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Android 3 second security whole issue is it real

PLease check out this link on carrot apps website which seems to say the android os has a security hole.

I tried the demo of carrot app and found it great but I noticed this hole on startup as well.

Is there a security hole that effect all android apps at startup will it be fixed in an android OS update etc

see this link and I agree with the supprt tech it sounds like an android hole. let me know what you think and is the fix to root the anroid OS to secure your phone and if so how and does it make your phone not supportable etc

check this link out and respond back
Bug Needs fixing and then I will probably buy APP

I have been trying to learn about the GO Android app but doesn't seem to in the market only a send me form on the web. How can that be demoed and compared against Carrot app which seems good and has a 7 day demo. What other options are there to secure your phone from data loss if stolen or lost etc. Carrot app seems good except for the apparent hole in the android os. And if your app(s) are locked if someone had access to the phone and conected to the pc is the data on the phone protected encrypted etc. and I have read something about how the d card data is not safe from hack to store sensitive data on the phone memory.

On to the next test ... Let me know what you think:icon_eek: