Overlooked feature for Cell cameras...


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Nov 16, 2009
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With the increasing quality of cellphone cameras,why do their designers overlook the obvious?The lens (or clear lens shield) is exposed and vulnerable to scratches on every cellphone camera I have seen.It would be understandable if designers considered a manually removable light blocking lens cover to be unrealistic.However,a mechanical shield of some sort sounds like a workable (and obvious) solution IMO.Even case designers seem to miss this very important protection requirement when designing their cases.

After getting my Droid,I ordered the highly recommended shell and holster combo from Verizon.Though this case recesses the otherwise flush transparent lens cover positioned over the cameras actual lens,this cover is still exposed to the elements.Optical quality depends on both the lens and it's see through "protective" cover being clean and damage free.Unfortunately,my camera already has a slight but very visible scratch on its transparent cover.I haven't a clue how it got there.Though this doesn't seem to affect the pictures,such damage could very well if it were particularly bad.Likewise,as we have all found out with the "out of the box" lens cleaning requirement,any type of film or dirt accumulation can cause problems.

Has anyone else given this issue some thought?If so,why have designers not considered it?Does anyone know of a case (for the Droid specifically) currently available with a built in lens cover.If not,why have case designers also not given this a lot of thought?I can't be the only one....:blink: