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Jul 30, 2012
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Hi all,
As the topic states i live on the outskirts of my town which just received 4G LTE coverage. This means that sometimes my phone will indicate 4G but others I will be under 3G. I have a few questions. As I spend most of my time at home, should i keep my phone on the 3G network to maximize battery life? and If my phone is constantly vacillating between networks does that result in a drop in coverage when the switch happens?
If your phone struggles to hold a signal it's going to definitely drain your battery when switching between 4g and 3g. IF you have Wifi, I would just leave it on wifi all day while you're at home. Saves the most battery, it's what myself and many others do here on the boards to get the most out of our battery.
dropping signals definitely affects battery life and if you feel like you are still mostly getting 3g connection in your place then i suggest that you just stabliize your phone to 3g connection not unless you are going to places where there is a stable 4g connection becasue this will not only save battery power but battery life as well becasue dropping signals really drains battery life and shortens it especially when you are getting bad signals