Outlook e-mail on Droid?


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Nov 9, 2009
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Not quite sure how to get my lap top outlook to view on the droid. When I look at auto sync, I see add an account, then I have (3) to choose from.

1 corp.,2 facebook and 3google. how do I get my outlook e-mail to sync?

Not up on some tech stuff?

Is this an Outlook account that's associated with Microsoft Exchange? Or is this your personal Outlook email?
As of right now I don't believe there are too many options when it comes to synching your personal outlook to the droid.. There is an app called CompanionLink which allows you to sync your email, contacts, calendar, and tasks but it isn't free.

Google Android sync

There's also another project in the works called "The Missing Sync" that sounds promising however, there hasn't been any news on the release date of the app or even the BETA (at least not for the Droid).

Keep your life in sync with The Missing Sync for Android from Mark/Space
No problem. I'm up to my ears in creating virtual servers for clients all day so I've got a lot of downtime to answer some posts =P
Drop me a line if you hear anything on this subject...I looked at the google android sync which appears to solve the issue but not ready to send $39.00

Again thanks
Who hosts your email? Godaddy, 1and1, etc...?

Android can be setup using the same servers as your Outlook client and if you choose IMAP the read/unread status will sync between the two.
Not sure if this can be done with Comcast. I think not. I use outlook to get my comcast mail... My laptop then becomes the main link since all mail is removed from comcast by outlook.... So I guess my only process might be to purchase for $39 CompanionLink Software that that syncs my outlook with gmail.. Can anyon confirm this...?
i sync my outlook with my droid no problem.

it is a POP3 account.

go to your outlook and then account settings and use those same settings on your droid
i sync my outlook with my droid no problem.

it is a POP3 account.

go to your outlook and then account settings and use those same settings on your droid


I have my Droid receiving emails from my work Outlook. I do NOT have it synching with my Outlook contacts, though.
Just to clarify to some of you guys... I believe he wanted to Sync his Personal Outlook to his Droid. This doesn't mean his mail server, but his own Outlook which he gets his mail and also stores his contacts/Calendar. :)

Sync CRM/PIM data with phones, desktop software, and web-based services -- CompanionLink might be the thing the OP is looking at Google's Sync Service only links the Calendar, but not contacts to Gmail at this time.

Remember, Outlook and Outlook Express are both clients, but they can also stand alone as a normal user's Calendar/Contacts Database local to the computer if need be.
What is your definition of e-mail sync? My definition is that if I read my mail on my droid and deltete it, then when I start up my outlook those message should also be deleted... and visa versa... This happens with gmail, and the droid gmail. However the best I can do (having comcast) is to have all of my mail sent to my outlook and also to my gmail account. That way I can see my mail on both machines, but I also have to delete it on both machines... at least my gmail on droid and gmail on Google web are syncronized. Not sure there is a way to do it without purchasing the link software at $39 per copy... I will stay tuned...
Interesting, how would I do that? comcast mail going to outlook copied to g-mail? It
sound logical but I,am not savy on what to do?