Outlook Deleted Mail Not Deleted On Droid


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Jun 21, 2012
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I have a Droid 3 connected to my company's Exchange server. In the past when I deleted an Inbox email in Outlook 2010 it was then also deleted from the Inbox on my Droid (after a short pause).

This is now broken. After deleting an email in my Outlook inbox the emails are left in the Droid Inbox and I have to then manually delete them.

I've made no changes on the Driod.

The only thing I've done that is around the same time this started happening is that I ran Scanpst.exe on my laptop to fix an issue where the Outlook 2010 Outbox was showing a message count of "1" in it, but when opening the Outbox it was empty. Running Scanpst.exe did fix this.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Have you checked in the settings for your email? There should be an option to either save messages on both devices, or when one is deleted, it deletes them both. At least, that is how it works with Gmail.
Same Problem

I had a user with the same problem. I open the corporate email >options >Email Settings >Email delivery >Folder sync >and set Trash to Auto sync in background and set the sync amount to default.

I hope this helps you