OtterBox Commuter top piece broke for the 3rd time...

Maybe they changed then cause mine is fine. Fits perfect and easy to remove or put on...
ok heres one for you i had to get a replacement phone my original droid was buggy also the otter box wont fit on the new now any one can help
Mine broke. No drops it just cracked at about less than half way down the right side. Tried to contact Otterbox but no reply.

Also not a fan of super glue anymore.

My wife has a Bodyglove on her Droid but I really like the port and button covers on the Otterbox.

Honestly, in the 3 months I've had the Droid the only time I really used the slideout keypad was when I rooted my phone.

Probably won't go for that feature with my next one. I like Swype way too much

THEn I should be able to find an Otterbox that isn't so structurally challenged.