Otter Box


Oct 25, 2010
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Arlington, Texas
got the new Otter box holster package ,comes with hard and soft case for droid x at verizon store today, it is excellent!
That is a complete matter of opinion. I got tired of having to open the case weekly and clean all of my pocket lint so I picked up a Trident Kraken case.

WORTH EVERY PENNY. It was NOT $50.00 and it protects the phone much better than the slaughterbox
Sorry to hear you had a problem with pocket lint in the case, I don't have that problem because I use the belt clip holster that came with it.
Yeah, that would solve that issue for sure! I have yet to grow fond of having a netbook on my belt though ;-)
I personally like otterbox best because of how slim it is(communter) & the slickness makes it easy to pull it out of my pocket. If I wanted a bigger more protective case, I've watched some videos on a trident cases & they look pretty beastly. Don't think I need that much protection though lol
Wow I just checked out the Kraken...that thing looks really cool! I have the Otter box now too and I'm honestly not too fond of it...I agree about the lint thing, and I don't like how HUGE it makes my Droid X! Does the Kraken make the Droid seem as monstrous as the Otterbox does?
This is the first time I heard of that case I'm going to check it out..dancedroid