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Nov 12, 2009
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Bloomfield Hills, MI
I have had my Bionic for 2 weeks. I am finding that when I am notified that an update is required or when I am downloading selected pictures, I get a note that says at the top of the bionic that says this picture or application can only be downloaded with wireless... I have to then turn on the wireless for it to continue the download. I know the pictures, or application are not very large and therefore should have no problems that require download.

Is anybody else getting this note, and is their some setting that I can change... Never had this problem with my original droid on 3G... Is this something to do with 4G LTE?

Let me know if you have this problems too...
go into battery & data manager, then data saver and make sure that you don't have data saver checked to only use wi-fi only.
Thanks for the help. Data saver was checked. Now unchecked. Will hope that fixes it.

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