OnePlus One XNPH38R Update Starts Rolling Out OTA; Fixes Touchscreen Issues & More


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Dec 30, 2010
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A new update just started rolling out for the OnePlus One. This version is XNPH38R it is pushing out OTA right now. There are a number of fixes and improvements in this build, but the primary one of note is that the wonky touchscreen problems are supposedly rectified. Here's a list of fixes from the changelog:
  • Added method for users to report bugs directly to Cyanogen.
  • Added pause button during video recording.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Fixed issues with camera exposure compensation stuck in ‘auto’.
  • Fixed issues with ‘4G Preferred’ option not connecting to 3G data.
  • Fixed issues with delay in torch activation.
  • Fixed issues with unresponsive screen requiring reboot.
  • Fixed issues with static in speaker when changing volume while headset plugged in.
  • Fixed issues with rotation not triggering when rotated slowly.
  • Fixed issues with Quiet Hours / system UI causing battery drain on last day of month.
  • Fixed issues with camera not starting when LED torch is already on.
  • Fixed issues with Bluetooth volume low on connection.
Our friends at AndroidPolice have made the manual update available for download. Here are a few links:

Download (KTU84Q, XNPH38R):
  1. AFH mirror.
  2. Mega mirror.
  3. Mediafire mirror.
To install this update should be as simple as it is on a Nexus device - just boot into recovery, then sideload using adb sideload. Make sure to ask for help in the forums if you are new to this process. You don't want to risk doing it wrong and bricking your device.
Awesome! Look like some nice features/fixes in there. I have been looking forward to this one.
Awesome news! I'll be updating manually as soon as I can get time :-D

Can anyone clarify which recovery this works with? Stock only, or TWRP, etc?
Thank you! That's awesome of you, I greatly appreciate it my friend! :)
I am really liking this update so far (I know, It's early lol). Been finding a couple cool little extra features. My favorite is the scrolling arrows in the nav bar while typing. I can never seem to get to the right spot for a correction in a sentence without them due to my fumble fingers. Another cool one they put it is more options in the statusbar, specifically centered clock (Courtesy @Gman). Anyone else find any new stuff in this update?