OnePlus Celebrates Their One Year Anniversary with a 'Whopping' $1 Dollar Price Cut on the One


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Dec 30, 2010
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I guess this latest PR news from the mobile smartphone company OnePlus is just proof that you should always celebrate the little things! They are gleefully celebrating their one year anniversary with a price cut on their OnePlus One smartphone. They are offering a "whopping" whole dollar off the device! Their discount may be tiny, but at least it has synergy with the anniversary and the name of the device. ;)

Seriously though, while this gesture is mostly symbolic, there are actually some value deals to be had on accessories in their store during the celebration. You can get 50% off some items including their T-Shirts and the following: JBL E1+ earphones, USB OTG cables, screen protectors, every case except the Bamboo StyleSwap cover and the replacement USB power adapter.

Here's more info on their website: Never Settle One Year Later OnePlus Blog

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It goes in hand with their product name. A buck is a buck if you are in the market for a One+One!
one + one = two. It should have been 2 dollars off. ;)