One more Wifi won't work thread. Was working perfect before OTA, now big problems


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Oct 7, 2011
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I did some searches and found a lot of different posts about wifi problems but none matched my issue. I just got the phone last week. I was playing with it before activating for 3 or 4 days to kind of figure it out since I've never had an android phone. Wifi set up and connected fine. I was online for days without a hitch. Today I activated the phone and all was still good until later I decided to do the OTA update. Now I got no connection. It will show a connection and then a disconnection over and over, but I have no internet connection through wifi on the phone.

I tried forgetting the network , did a battery pull then tried setting up network connection again with no luck. I also tried enabling auto ip.

The update definitely caused the issue. I had solid wifi performance before the update and my old windows mobile phone still connects to the network with no problem.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Did you buy yours new in store, or privately? I'm curious because when my new phone was turned on, there was no way to bypass the activation screen (wondering how you skipped it for a few days).

My reasoning is simple: if you bought the phone from someone else, there is a chance they rooted it -- and modified some of the "bloatware" -- causing the update to not install completely or correctly. That's something to investigate.

On the other hand, if your phone is totally's time to head back to where you bought it and get it replaced!

as crazy as simple as this may sound, may I suggest that you shut your phone down via batteries pull... while it is off, reset your modem and wifi hub/router, then turn on your phone and redo your partnership...

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Well I messed around with shutting off the phone, wifi, resetting the network password on the phone and now it works again. Not sure what got snickered up, but the OTA update definitely caused some screwyness. I need my wifi to be reliable since I'm on a very limited data plan, 20mb right now on pageplus, lol. I'll be changing to a 100mb plan in two weeks since this phone is so much more fun online than my i760 was :)