One Handed Operation Mode Available In MIUI Rom!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Phones are getting bigger and bigger all the time. The newest Nexus come with a whopping 6 inch screen! Other phones like the Note 4 and LG G3 are on the same line. With bigger screens comes more screen real estate which means we can be better immersed in our media. This also means we have to deal with sore thumbs, and can also mean we may eventually have to deal with broken screens from cumbersome phones that slip out of our hands while trying to reach to the other side of the screen.

Samsung has done a pretty good job of including one hand modes in their phones since the release of the Note. One handed mode shrinks the screen and allows you to reach the entire screen without having to maneuver the phone around in your hand. MIUI, one of the premier roms of today, has released a new one handed mode in version 6 of their rom. You can find this mode on Xiaomi devices produced by MIUI. You can also now find this feature in the latest updates of the Rom for your device making your new phablet easier than ever to use!

via MIUI