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Jul 15, 2010
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I am really on the fence about this switching to the droid x. Should I go there from my original droid? Can't really decide if the size bothers me. I know its a personal preference but any feedback would be greatly appreciated seeing as I only have 10 days to decide.
I do not need the latest and greatest. I've enjoyed being able to switch roms and adding themes. The Droid meets my needs so I'm not switching.If your Droid is not meeting you needs and you are eligible for an upgrade then make the move. If your Droid is meeting your needs then save a few bucks and keep your Droid.

My two cents.

couldn't agree with Mike more.

I have a "newfound love" with my Droid ever since i decided to root last week. With all the roms i've been flashing and trying to find the perfect rom i'm having more fun with it than ever.

The droid x is appealing, no doubt, i was looking to upgrade which is why i decided to root. After root, i've decided Droid is everything and more than i need.
Someone's got to educate me on all this rooting business.. I'm lost
Someone's got to educate me on all this rooting business.. I'm lost

your phone is running a rom, a stock rom. your case, 2.1 of android.

rooting allows us to flash and gain admin permissions and allows us to run other roms. for example, i'm running cyanogenmod(sp?) and it runs great. Before this rom i was running Bugless Beast and another rom.

rooting also allows us to overclock. currently you're running at 550mhz, with my rooting capabilities i can run it up to 1ghz (processor speed of Droid X) or as little at 250mhz.

Rooting gives us almost endless possibilities as to what we do with out phone. Changing fonts, colors, speed, etc.

I wonder why it took me so long to root, i ran with a stock droid from release date til about last Monday
I wonder why it took me so long to root, i ran with a stock droid from release date til about last Monday

When it is time, it is time!

The lingo thread is good that wwhartman recommended. I've got a couple of good threads in my signature too.

As far as the DX I am also with mwhartman on this as well. There will be a few phones coming out shortly that look interesting. Meanwhile I've got a feeling the classic droid is gonna see some gingerbread crumbs before some of the other phones. Some of those other ones may never see gingerbread at all too. I'm sticking with my droid 1. It works and runs everything every other android phone out there runs and in many cases it runs more.

I do like that bigger screen on the DX though :)
Someone's got to educate me on all this rooting business.. I'm lost

A few weeks back I decided to try Froyo. For me, rooting was really a minor side-effect. I used this as a guide:

Stock 2.1 to 2.2 Froyo Step By Step installation - Page 2 - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

From the perspective of a casual user, I didn't do anything specific to root--it was transparently included in the ROM. And--other than playing around in Terminal Emulator and seeing that I had root access (i.e., I could view the highest level of the phone's file system)--where it had impact was when I installed Overclock Widget, and then, SetCPU. Because these programs have root (i.e., super-user) access, they can raise or lower clock speed.

Again...you install SetCPU, and...so what? Where things get interesting is when you install a custom kernel, that sets the range of possible clock speeds (the Droid is natively underclocked at...550MHz, correct?). But because you now have a new kernel (say it goes from 125MHz to 800MHz), you can run the Droid a bit faster than stock (or a lot faster if you want to try a kernel with a higher maximum).

So for me, the big payoff on "root" was that I could (a) install a custom kernel, and (b) more precisely control Droid clock speed. Ironically, I mostly underclock (e.g,. lower clock speed when the screen shuts off) to conserve battery life. For someone else, the goal may be to run the puppy at 1.25GHz and see how high their Quadrant benchmark score can go! :)

On that note: I have to say it's quite a rush to see that the stock Droid on 2.1 gets a score of about 350 on Quadrant, while a Droid overclocked on Froyo can get a score 3 or 4 times higher. Very cool.

Keep in mind the Droid X only has an on-screen keyboard. The Droid 2 is coming out soon. It has a sliding keyboard. Of course using Swype I can type at least as fast as I can on my sliding keyboard.
If you like it, get it. If not, do not.

Its a nice phone (imo). I actually just ordered one (verizon gave me an early upgrade because of the CLNR issues). One day, the X will be unlocked and rom'd... I have no doubt about this. I would bet it is using the same sec. on the bootloader that the droid 2 will use, and tbh... the mod community is to large for someone to not be able to bypass it. Once they do, roms galore for the X/2.

Go with your gut.