On My Second Droid "X"

Jul 16, 2010
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United States
Well with a bit of serendipity I was able to aquire a second Droid "X" from Best Buy yesterday. Man it was awesome, I was sitting in a Verizon Store waiting in line to order a replacement for my "X". The first one I got in the mail was broken by way of the bottom half of the touch screen being dead and would not work. But while I waited in line at the store, I called Best Buy on a lark, having my name on a waiting list there. They said they actually had one left after they had filled their pre-orders and it was first come first serve.

Luckily I was like less than two minutes away from the closest Best Buy store and I recklessly drove like a mad man to the store (wouldn't it be lame to get in an accident for a phone...I DUNNO...it's a Droid "X"). But I made it there on time and was first in line followed by some other angry people.

Has anyone else here already had to replace their "X" like I had to do? I'd be interested to hear your death stories and how you aquired a new one if you have already?