OG Droid Root issues


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Dec 9, 2010
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I follow Peter Alfonso on twitter and currently am using his rom build GPA12 on my OG Motorola Droid. Today I noticed that he has created a kernel that runs at 600mhtz with no lag for a gingerbread rom, and of corse I was interested. Once it downloaded I opened it using the application rom manager but I didn't wipe data and cache before installing. Once it was all finished loading, it went to the lock screen and after about 20 seconds froze and restarted. It continued doing this repeatingly until I took out the battery, held down the x button and power button at the same time so I can factory reset it. Once I accomplished the factory reset everything seemed to be fine (still with GPA12 gingerbread rom) signed into my google account and then it restarted over and over everytime at the lock screen. My phone now has no battery life and everytime I plug it into the charger the battery won't take any battery because it's using all of it's energy constantly restarting the phone. I need help! Please someone give me some ideas on what to do. As of right now Peter Alfonso is taking a while to respond to what I've told him but I'm looking for anything !


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May 5, 2010
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You don't need to wipe cache and data when installing a new kernel. I never use ROM manager, I always use clockwork to install ROM's and kernels and have never had a problem.

I had to buy an external battery charger since I ran into the same issue. Does it boot into the OS for a few seconds before restarting? If so try to switch to airplane mode to draw less power.