Off-brand Skin Causing Trouble


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Sep 18, 2014
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Hi there!
My grandmother purchased an off-brand tablet from Tuesday Morning. When she became frustrated by technology, she gave the tablet to me. It came with the most horrific skin of 4.2 Jelly Bean you can imagine. No matter how many times you delete them, it always reinstalls programs that do nothing but pop up, try to sell you malware, and waste battery. I can't even change my browser's home page away from virus-infested sites without it changing back. I can't update Android in the normal way. Instead, they provided an app that should allow me to update, but always runs into an error.
I've tried rooting the tablet, but it's difficult because the tablet has no driver for the computer, and I have limited knowledge of Android.
The brand is "Bright Tab." It's virtually nonexistent on Google. I don't have the specs in front of me right now. I can get those soon, or anytime if someone can tell me how to find them.
My goal is to ditch this wretched skin for a vanilla skin, or at least one less infuriating. If someone is up for a challenge, I would be eternally grateful.