Nube - Do I have a bug/spyware ?!


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Jun 28, 2011
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I am fairly new to droids and have just got the Droid X2 about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I received a message from a number I did not recognized. It had two normal texts saying stuff I didn't relate to like "oh hey ya cool !" and then three (what looked like mms messages) that had a download option or a reject button. I clicked download on the first one and it took a second, as if it was going to show a pict, vid or something, instead of showing anything is just disappeared. I thought weird ill try the next one, same thing. I then rejected the third. I have called the number and it just goes to some guys machine that I cant understand at all. I texted him back to say whats this & who this, unfortunately no response. I have checked my phone and dont see any new picts, docs or vids...except maybe one download under .motorolagalleryonlinecache that usually has FB picts but this was labeled "? SIZE" and then below that it says 1kb. when clicked on it says "unable to open this type of file" I believe I deleted it yesterday and its back this morning...i deleted it again. I am open to all suggestions !! Is there anything I can do that will tell me or not if I have a bug ?

Thank you !