Now that you've had your Droid for a little while... change your mind about keyboard?


Nov 4, 2009
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When I first got it last night, I didn't like the keyboard at all. Felt cheap, wasn't easy to type on. However, I have gotten used to it and can type fluently and quickly on it.

STILL FEELS CHEAP. I wish they would've put a more solid keyboard on it, like the EnV had. Something along those lines.

If you don't think it's cheap, look at it from the side at eye level...
I just kind of liked it at first. But now that I have gotten used to it, I like it better than my old BB Curve. (Maybe because I am a big guy and my fingers had a hard time hitting the right microscopic key on the Curve.)
I liked it from the beginning. I like the on screen also. Better than the HTC even. Although i do wish it had the compact qwerty for portrait mode
I'm coming from an HTC 6800 and it's as good if not better.
I'll eventually get used to it... I like the D pad.. at night before you begin typing just hit the center pad and keys light up nicely!!!
Personally I love the keyboard, and NO camera problems either... as of yet anyways!
I like the keyboard more now that I've played with it. Look, we're not banging out the Next Great Novel on these things, either hardware or software keyboard, but it works well enough for Facebook/Twitter, or even a short message I wrote here earlier. :D
The biggest problem I have with the hardware keyboard probably can't be avoided.

The top row of keys is flush against the body of the screen, and if you've got fat thumbs, you have to be careful not to have your thumbs "pushed" down onto the next row.
I had to use the hardware keyboard to setup my gmail at the Verizon store because I was so bad with the software one. I'm getting better with the software keyboard but I'm still a failure when it comes to using it.
Came from a BB 8800 and sampled the Palm Pre for a couple of weeks recently. I'm probably in the minority who think the Pre's keyboard is pretty effective. I'm not so bothered by the flatness or lack of travel. The worst part about this keyboard is that it is offset to the left, what with the chin and d-pad. My right thumb better take some yoga classes or something.
i love all three keyboards for it escpecially the landscape scrren keyboard
I was one of the first to post that I actually like the keyboard. I still say that. Onscreen is also nice. My only gripe with the keyboard is the reach over the toggle thing. Not a big deal at all, but that is really my only complaint.