Oct 31, 2009
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I have had my Droid since Monday, and have some thoughts to share on the keyboards, especially for those still on the fence. Remember that I came from a Voyageur.

Portrait virtual keyboard
When I tried this in the store, and when I got my phone, I thought I would NEVER,NEVER, NEVER use this thing. I couldn't get a 3 letter word correct! But guess what? Two days later, I'm pretty good! I don't type long replies on this version, but I can do it with few mistakes. I DON'T type the way I do on the landscape. For this one, I usually use my index finger. It is more accurate.

Landscape virtual keyboard
Although different in layout and use then the physical keyboard, I find this one VERY easy to use. I have it set for no feedback and it takes a VERY light touch, which I like. The word suggestions are helpful, when I remember to look at them! I am usually typing too fast! No problems with this one at all, other than a bit dfferent reach.

Physical keyboard
Hardly use it! Have gotten so comfortable with landscape virtual, that I seldom pull it out. However, if I were to sit down to compose a long email/text, rather than reply to an incoming one, I would probably choose this one. I haven't found the flat keys to be a problem at all. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! The dummy phones at the store are MUCH HARDER to press the keys and feel nothing like the real thing. DO NOT let that be your guide as it is a totally different experience on you own phone.

Hope this helps someone!
I agree with this completely except I tend to use the physical more than either virtual.