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Sep 26, 2011
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I have a new symbol on my notification bar. When the 3g symbol is not there, I have been having a triangle. Also my wi-fi and signal strength bars change from blue to white. Could someone tell me whats going on. Im fairly new to smart phone. Thanks!
I have a network extender. So that would still be the problem?
Does the blue triangle come and go? I always have it after I SBF and before I reactivate my phone, but never randomly. Like guru said it must be related to connection problems.

And as far as the other stuff changing from white to blue that has to do with background data. If you have it enabled it will be blue, disabled will be white. And if it loses connection they will be white until syncing again.
So if the phone says it's roaming, is that due to having service off the network extender?