Not recieving text message notifications on Droid 2


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Mar 30, 2011
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I have been having an issue where I do not recieve any sort of notification (no noise/task bar notification) for about 1/3 of recieved text messages on my Droid 2. Does anyone know of any ways to fix this?
could it be that you only get a notification once of 1 or more new text messages, and if you don't check the first one, subsequent text messages don't generate another notification?
Nope, I will reply to someones text message and sit there waiting to hear back from them only to find out I got a message just no alert
Could it be that for certain individuals you have a specific tone for texts, while others use the default setting, and the default is set to silent?
What app are you using?

Since you are not receiving any notification, check you sound settings and make sure that you do not have silent checked.
I, too, am having this problem. Either I will have a text without a notification, or my notification tone will start ringing then abruptly stop. And when that happens, my notification light won't blink. I have triple checked my settings and everything seems to be in order, but this keeps happening.