Not receiving SMS notifications while phone is locked


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Jul 24, 2010
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This is probably less of a technical problem and more of an issue of me being a newbie to the Android OS, but I was wondering if one of you more well-versed users could give me a pointer here.

The first couple days I had my Droid X, I was one of those with horrid battery life. I went all-out, downloading Juice Defender and changing my power scheme to Battery Saver. I've had VASTLY increased battery life, going from about 5-6 hours a charge to well over 12 hours with fairly consistent usage. However, I have noticed that I'm not receiving SMS text notifications either in the form of sound or visually when my phone is locked since making this change. I'll have my phone locked for an hour, only to unlock it and at that moment receive notification that 7 texts had arrived in that hour. I'm also using the Handcent SMS app which I thought might be part of the issue, until I realized that I also don't get e-mail notifications anymore either.

I'm assuming there's a function I'm making use of that may not be right for me. Anyone know what I did??