Not getting Mount prompt when connecting to PC

Dr. Cheesesteak

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Dec 22, 2010
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I have a Droid 2 and it's not connecting to my PC.

When I connect it via the USB, I get all the proper notifications on my Droid. I select USB Mass Storage for the USB connection and the PC even makes a sound as if its recognizing it.

My PC prompts me to install some mass storage device that always fails and doesn't install.

So I did some researching, discovered I have to "Mount" my Droid/MicroSD card to the PC. I saw a visual walkthroug how through how to do it. Obviously it's very easy. Once the USB connection notification is up, there should be a "mount" prompt. Except, thing is, my droid doesn't prompt me to "mount" it.

I have debugging mode on and have restarted my PC (not my droid though...don't see why I should. But I will. Still want to post here first). Any input or advice? Why isn't my droid prompting me to mount on my PC?


edit: yeah, restarting droid didn't do anything. Still no mount prompt.
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