Not Connecting to Car stereo


Nov 15, 2009
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Hey guys,

I have a pioneer AVH-P4200 Dvd. Everytime I try to connect my phone via USB and enter USB Mass Storage mode my stereo says unable to play files.

Can anyone help me figure out how to connect my phone? I tried leaving a post like this on a pioneer forum but sadly I don't find any forums for them. Hopefully you guys can help.
try and enable usb debugging, settings>applications>developement> enable usb debugging... have you tried connecting via aux?
Ill check the debug tonight but im 99% sure its checked. Auxilary works no problem but I want to control my files from my stereo screen not look down while im driving constantly and trying to hold the phone while searching music.
You can't use USB-Droid X-Stereo

Your stereo tries to think it's an iPod (I'm assuming you have a iPod feature stereo)
And your phone doesn't know what to do...

You will have to run AUX. It has been tried and failed before. Sorry dude.
Yea its ipod featured =( I thought that would jus mean theres features FOR ipod not Ipod exclusive. Ugh I hate apple >_< now im forced to get one. Has there been no work arounds for this besides the aux port? Because I only have one now and its in the back of the unit, the one in my arm rest container lost function with the new stereo (which really sucked but it was a sacrificed well its worth)
Nope, sorry man. No way around it. It's iPod exclusive only because when they thought of this idea, people weren't trying to hook Android powered devices up to it. That I know of no one makes a Android capable stereo deck YET. I'm surprised...
ahhhh man. Guess i'll go with an ipod classic and start storing a bunch of movies/music on it.

Thanks for the help! Now i can stop searching the net while im working lol
:D good luck. If you want vids you'll need an iPod Video, I don't think the classic will play vids

Swyped from my DX
See, I'm only 16 and I'm old school lol.

When the iPod (now classic that can play videos) came out it could only play music, no video, but it had 160gb. Then the iPod video came out it was only 64gb or something. So they technically have a 160gb video now. The iPod video used to exist, of course that's before the iTouch (iPod Touch) came out...
my other droid phone worked or maybe it was just smart phone htc rezound. i had no problem hookin up that one just my s4 wont work. looks like aux cable will have to do