Noob with memory issues... and more


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Oct 11, 2010
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Hoping I haven't overlooked the subject... I've been searching for info on this for some time, so I apologize if this is simply littering (hoping not)

First of all, I bought this Samsung Fascinate :icon_ banana:, but am not digging into it too deeply until I have this resolved, as to not complicate things further :) I'll lay out the scenario...

This phone comes with a 16gb SD memory card.
I owned a Samsung Gleam with a 1gb memory card.
All of my data e.g. pics, videos, etc... are on this 1gb memory card. I'd like to transfer them to the 16gb card I have now.

What might be the best way to do this? Can I save onto the phones internal memory the data from the 1gb card, and then from that onto the 16gb? If so... how the hell do I accomplish this??
Any insights would be enormously appreciated, as I can't find ANY solutions.

Also, I have noticed as I'm watching certain videos on this phone via Youtube... certain videos will simply not play, or read. Others work perfectly. What causes this?

Thanks for any and all insights!!

If I were you, I would use the gleam to move the files to your computer then mount the fascinate and move from your computer. But, maybe that's just me.