.nomedia ignored by Gallery?


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Oct 23, 2010
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I created a .nomedia file in
/sdcard/download but Gallery picks up/displays the .jpeg files I save (browser save image) in that folder and also caches/thumbnails that image.
Does Gallery ignore .nomedia ?
That should work, you have to reboot or force the gallery to rescan before you see the changes though.
That .nomedia was created over a week ago, and I have rebooted the DroidX a couple of times since then.
There are other .jpg files in /sdcard/download/ that Gallery is not displaying (as expected).

How do you force Gallery to ignore everything and do a rescan?
Some might prefer to not let Gallery index any media unless there is a .yesmedia file in the directory! :)

Indexing everything it finds on the SD card is just wrong.
Even Microsoft doesn't do that as a default.
Same problem today..
I had a .download folder with a
.nomedia file in it. Created over a month ago.
I saved a jpeg file to it yesterday (saved from browser displayed image) and both the Motorola and cooliris Galleries indexed and display the image!
.nomedia is broken, even in Android 2.2.1

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I don't remember where I read this, but I use .file as the folder name of the media I don't want to show up in the gallery. I just tried it again and created a new .file folder in one of my gallery folders. After a restart the photos I put in it didn't show in gallery.
The strange thing is that I have other .folder directories and Gallery ignores them, and other directories with a .nomedia file and Gallery ignores them as well.
The behavior of Gallery is very inconsistent.
The only Gallery that I have tried that really respects .nomedia is JustPictures!

So I guess it is the stock Android Gallery that is the problem and not Android 2.2.1

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