.nomedia problems


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Oct 1, 2010
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West Virginia
Read that I could stop music album art from showing up in gallery by putting a .nomedia file in the music folder.
I tried that but nothing changed. Then I deleted the .nomedia file and now when I hit gallery it opens and immediately closes.
Can you help me recover from some error I must have comitted.
I'll Help.

The only way to fix the gallery issue (that I'm aware of) is to go to settings>manage apps>all>media storage>clear data>reboot

WARNING: This will remove the stock ringtones and text tones.

^^ This is not a problem if you are Stock Rooted because you can just System Only SBF and then use Z4root to regain root.

You can always just delete/rename the gallery and download a market alternative.

The .nomedia problem.

I just created a new .txt file then renamed it to .nomedia

After that try a reboot, if the files are not absent then download SDrescan from the market and run it. That forces the System to rescan the SD card.

Good Luck