Nokia's HERE Maps Comes to Android; Exclusive to Samsung Devices for Now


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Dec 30, 2010
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Nokia's HERE maps app has come to Android. Initially it will only be available as a timed exclusive on Samsung Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S5. If you haven't heard of it, HERE is an alternative to Google Maps. Although some might think that's the equivalent of trading in a Ferrari for a Fred Flintstone foot-propelled car, that's not exactly true.

We must admit that it has some intriguing unique features. It also has a stellar reputation in European countries, especially the UK. It's main claim to fame is the ability to work seamlessly in off-line mode using the phone's GPS. Furthermore, it works in tandem with Glympse, which allows you to share your location with friends or family easily. It also has an impressive mapping system according to folks who have used it.

[Update: It looks like it isn't quite available yet, but will be as soon as the Gear S starts hitting store shelves.]

What do you guys think? Could Google Maps have a real competitor now?

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I tried to find it on my S4 through the Play store and couldnt find it. Just Which Galaxy devices is this for....
Very Interested!
Does anyone have the APK?
Waze is even better then Google maps. No reason to use anything else except those two.
Well all the same I wouldnt mind giving this one a try.
It looks like it will be available as soon as the Gear S hits store shelves.
Do we know when that is? Sorry didnt read the full article from the other website.
I read your article though.... Always!
Definitely gonna try it out on my S4 when it comes out. This isn't a subscription-based service, is it?