No voicemail notifications???


Feb 13, 2012
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Hello everyone. I've been lurking on this site for about a year now, and I wanted to thank everyone for all of the answers that I have found since joining.

I've been having a problem with my Razr Maxx not displaying voice mail notifications for apparently, over a month. One of my employees called me last Friday evening. I missed the call because I was running a power sander. He left me a voice mail, but there was no voice mail indicator on my phone. He had called my desk phone, which was forwarded to my cell. All I saw on caller ID was my desk number. When I got to work on Monday, he asked why I never called him back. I asked him if he had left a voicemail, and he said that he had. I checked my voice mail, and found 5 new messages from the prior 4 weeks. I spent 2 days searching this forum and all over the web for an answer.

This morning, I called Verizon. I started off the call by telling them that I had already tried a FDR (I hadn't, but wanted to take that off the table for now), as well as going into VM, and using the option to turn notifications off and back on (which I did do). Suprisingly, I got sent to level 2 pretty quickly. I mentioned to the rep that I was getting a prompt in the VM app to subscribe to Visual Voice Mail for $2.99 and she replied, "That's odd, I'm showing that you are already subscribed to VVM.". As soon as she disabled it and I rebooted my phone, I started getting VM notifications.

So... If you don't see the little tape symbol in the notifications bar when you get a voice mail, start by checking with Verizon to see that they have your VM setup correctly before wasting 2 days trying to fix it yourself. :biggrin:

I hope this helps someone,