No vibrate in silent mode


Nov 14, 2010
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My wifes D2 does not vibrate in silent mode. Only way it will vibrate is with all the vibrate notifications set to on. Meaning now it vibrates every time she gets a text msg whether in silent mode or not.
Her D2 is completely stock. Am I missing a setting or could this be an actual phone issue?
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I don't think my D2 vibrates in silent mode.

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I had to into phone settings to turn vibrate off

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It makes some kind of sense not to vibrate in silent mode but that kind of goes against what all other phones do. Tried a bunch of different settings and that D2 will not vibrate at all in silent mode.

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may fix!

try opening message folder, then hit options button, from there scroll down and check to see that vibrate option is highlighted. will have to do with all email/message folders. hope it works!
First go to Settings>Sound>Vibrate (Silent Mode Only)

After open up your text messages>tap the menu key (bottom left)>message settings>vibrate (check it on)
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