No sound through docking station


Mar 2, 2011
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Rosamond, CA
Just tried to dock my Note 4 on my Samsung Note 2 dock and ran into an issue. The phone fits the Note 2 micro USB dock and charges and enters into the dock mode, but no sound through the dock micro USB to the dock 3.5mm speaker jack. I spent some time going through the sound and docking menu's, but no fix.

I did find a work around by inserting the 3.5mm speaker cable into the top of the Note 4 headphone jack. It's a pain to have to plug in the speakers each time you dock and undock.
Hope someone else figures this out!
Check the Accessory Settings on your phone. I don't have the Note 4...yet. However, on the Galaxy S4 it's under:
Settings > Accessory > Audio Output (check box for: use external speakers when device is docked)

Have no idea why this wouldn't enabled by default. Hope that helps.
Thanks. Just checked the menu. There is an Accessory> Audio Output, not no external speaker option. Just a stereo or surround option. There is also a Docking Sound option under Accessory, but it is only for a tone when docking and undocking.
Does someone make a Dock App that will work?
Tonight I tried some more options. I docked the phone first. It definitely sees the dock, as a message rolls across the top of the display that says "The dock is connected" with a small dock icon next to it. I then tried the accessories menu again to see if the audio output options were expanded, and they were not. Bummer!