No Path to Official DROIDX Update Coming from Motorola for Leaked 2.2 Users

Thanks Toby - I appreciate the insight. Of course, that ruling aside - and long before that ruling - us true "Tech Geeks" have never let a little formality like the "law" or "vendor agreement" stop us from having our fun! So...

I liked 2.2 but it started having trouble updating things from the market. Namely Handcent. It would say update available but clicking on "Handcent" to go in and update it the screen stayed stuck on downloading. Had a few other quirks too.

Flashed SBF today back to 2.1. RSD Lite seemed to hang at 100% saying "manually reboot". I reluctantly unplugged the cable and rebooted. It was stuck in boot loop, so I booted into recovery and wiped everything. Rebooted and all is fine :)
2.2 was nice test with and it offered a look at flash and some other things...only went sofar as to install/wipe restore test apps...reinstall test/wipe and restore did not go down the root way, when i got up to 8 issues with the apps I was working with I just decided to go back to 2.1, will see what Motorola rolls out, everything I have read points to minor differences with the has been fun.
I may be way off here, and not know my sh#t like I probably should, but under that new ruling, wouldn't Moto HAVE to release that update at least via a down-loadable package to conform? We now have the "official" right to hack our devices without worries of vendor ramifications, no? I swear that ruling just recently came down and/or went into effect. If anyone can provide accurate info on this issue, please post. Like I said, I may be way off - but dag nabbit, I know I saw something to that effect. Just to darn lazy to research it at the moment...

This might be a useful metaphor for you. It is not illegal to drive your monster truck over your Droid X. Any court in the land would summarily dismiss any suit that sought to penalize you for pulverizing your $600 phone. You have the right to destroy your own property, as long as you're endangering your neighbors in the process.

It is not illegal to destroy your Droid X. The courts decision is that neither is it illegal to tinker with the software. But nowhere does it say that the manufacturer (or anyone else) is responsible for undoing the damage you do by a) driving over your phone with a huge pickup or b) making a dog's dinner out of your phone's OS.

They may choose to help you as an act of kindness to induce you continue doing business with them, or they may determine that you are one of that class of customer that is not only not worth having, but an actual drain on the company's profitability.

Think about that... you sell a million or two devices, and 10,000 or so (1%) of your customers, through technical over-exuberance, decides to fubar their phone. Now you can choose to loose money on that 1% by finding a "fix" for their problem, or you can ignore them, knowing that they will a) do it again at the first opportunity and/or b) left to their own devices, find a way to fix it themselves. These are business decisions, not technical ones. More and more often, businesses are choosing to choose their customers more carefully, because doing so earns them better profits and requires enormously less effort. That is what business schools are teaching today. Jettison the dead weight, matey.

So if you're going to tinker, and I love to tinker, accept the risk. If you don't have the heart to accept the risk, learn to be happy with the product as provided.
Luckily for me I knew of the risk and willing to accept whatever happens to my phone happens. I already kinda figured that Moto probably wasn't going to have an upgrade path for the leak 2.2 but it's like the same thing for Windows OS when they had the beta and release candidates of Windows Vista and Windows 7 where there's no upgrade path from the beta or RC to the RTM, you have to either format your computer back to your original version of windows then upgrade from there or completely format to the new version. I've accepted that risk.

Besides, there's always that one person who knows how to get the upgrade rolling anyways so I'll wait and see what happens. If anything, I'll just SBF back to 2.1 and go from there when then official 2.2 comes out.