No notifications on Droid calendar reminders


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Aug 2, 2010
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Rhode Island
Hi guys..Okay, I have an unrooted Motorola Droid running 2.1 and recently I've had difficulty with my calendar notifications. I don't always keep the Droid on and I set notifications in general for the time in which I usually turn it on. Unfortunately, I'm not getting any of them - I have it set to notify me in the status bar with the default sound (Droiiiiiiidddd). Oddly, as long as the phone is on, the reminders work. However, if I schedule an appointment for 6:45 August 4th, for example, and turn the Droid on around 1:45 am August 4th, it won't give me a notification if I set it to 24 hours. Also, if I set an appointment for 2 days, it won't notify me then either. It USED to give me the notifications even if the Droid was off, as soon as I'd turn it on. I have so far just tried turning notifications off, then back on again, and honestly don't know what to do. Also one other question: 2.2 has been officially released by Verizon? When did that happen because I'm still on 2.1!