no data to fast data within a few miles.


Jan 17, 2010
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ok so i did a test to confirm a theory i had about my 3g data. i noteced that when i get to an area that was in 4g i had great 3g service. i would use 4g when in the area but for this i didnt. at home i live near the border of 4g but it wont connect to it. so today i drove to vzw which is under 8 miles from my house. during the whole trip i was doing so the reason this sparked this to do it was ealrier the bionic was refusing to connect to the internet. i had blue 3g and full bars but it would do anything. i am on the latest OTA and stock. so my first test was null because it wouldnt connect to a server. tried restarting and pultiple airplane on and off. now it somewhat works. im geting around 20 KILOBYTES download with almost 500 ping and uploaed under 10. horrible so lets drive i get halfway which is in 4g area now. im getting almost 100 download. better. get off the exit and pull into the parking to vzw another test and im betting almost 300. i park there and restart multiple aireplane on and off and service is awsome. which is normal for 3g in the area. lets go home. its basically the opposite on my drive the close i get the speeds decrease. any ideas. the next one will show a screenshot of the slow ass speeds.


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Typical cell sites (in an urban area) usually don't cover more than a mile or so from the site. 4G is cell site specific. You're not on 4G in either of your speed tests. 3G decreases in speed depending on the number of users on that cell site as well as your signal strength.

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