NFC for the masses - Nexus becomes a little less special


Apr 29, 2010
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I knew this was coming. NFC can be embedded in Micro-SD cards now

Since there aren’t enough phones with built-in NFC chips, companies are looking for ways to make them NFC-enabled after the fact. One of those companies in Moneto who has figured out a way to embed a secure NFC element into a microSD card. That card pairs with their Android app which then allows you to make payments through MasterCard PayPass payment systems. It should work in a similar fashion to Google Wallet, however, you don’t need a phone approved for Wallet.

Their currently compatible lineup list only includes Galaxy S phones, so if you own a Moto or HTC device, you will be waiting a bit. They claim to be adding new models all of the time though.

The package for Android is $29.95, but that includes the 1GB microSD card, an NFC signal boosting sticker, a prepaid debit card, and $10 to spend as you please using their Android app. If you are locked into a RAZR or Rezound for 2 years without NFC, this is something you may want to keep an eye on.
Is there anything MiscroSD cant do? I cannot imagine why anyone would not want SD on their phone. It is one of the most awesome things about Android.

Looks like we will be able to have our cake and eat it too after all.
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