nexus toolkit windows 8


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Jun 21, 2011
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Help I can't get my fastboot to show up on my windows 8 computer using nexus toolkit
Yes it connects until it checks for fastboot than it says not found
Does it show up as ADB? You are making sure you're in fastboot mode when searching for it correct?

If that doesn't work maybe the proper drivers for windows 8 aren't compatible with it yet. Do you have another PC to fix the problem?
im not quite sure what you mean by making sure im in fastboot mode. When i plug it in to check the connection it says ADB device connected than it says rebooting phone than it say checking for fastboot and than it says fastboot not connected.
Sorry I meant bootloader (had a brain fart). This screen:View attachment 58541

Are you in bootloader when checking for fastboot devices?

It seems that the proper drivers for Windows 8 aren't out yet. I would've thought Win7 drivers would work for Win8, but guess not. You could definitely try reinstalling the drivers and see if that helps.
Theoretically if your drivers work with ADB it should work with fastboot as well.

Perhaps when in the bootloader unplug the device, then replug back in.
I has the same issue with my windows 8 machine. I had to use a Windows 7 computer to it to work.
uninstall all drivers for the nexus. install pda net and let it install the drivers. should work. i have no problems using fastboot and adb on my windows 8