Nexus Extended Battery and Holster Case


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Sep 27, 2012
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Please be gentle with me as I am a new smart phone user! The wife and I finally came into the 21st Century and I currently have the Droid Razr and the wife got a used Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate.

After almost a month, we have decided that the Samsung phone and features suit both of our needs better than the Droid. I purchased a Samsung Nexus yesterday and it will be shipped out tomorrow.

I've searched and read several posts in here but still wanted to get a general consensus on two things in particular.

1. The phone I bought comes with a 2100 extended battery. I love the holster case I have for my Droid as it allows me to slide the phone into the holster with the screen facing towards the holster protecting the screen. Is there a holster case that will fit the Nexus with the 2100 extended battery?

2. Are you seeing any significant difference between the 2100 and the 3800 and 4000 that I see online now? I am assuming the higher you go the bigger the battery and more difficult it would be to find a holster that would fit and not look like the phone has a 'tumor' as someone in here so eloquently stated! :biggrin:

Thanks for your patience with this newbie.



Jul 25, 2010
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I was under the impression that the 2100 battery didn't need a different battery cover?