Nexus 6, Galaxy S5 4G+ and Droid Turbo Take Top Spots in Futuremark Gaming Benchmark


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Dec 30, 2010
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The Futuremark gaming benchmarks are out for mobile devices, and while the top performers are obviously tablets, there are several smartphones in the top ten of that lineup. If we ignore the tablets and focus only on the phones, then these smartphones hold the top four slots:
  1. Motorola Google Nexus 6
  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 4G+ (this is that special enhanced version only available in select markets)
  3. Motorola Droid Turbo
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
What's really interesting about these benchmarks is that there are spots in which the Snapdragon 801 actually pulled ahead of the Snapdragon 805, even though the 805 basically dominates the entire landscape. This is obviously due to hardware and software optimizations.

Of course, synthetic benchmarks do not necessarily translate into real world performance, yet it's an easy bet that most owners of these devices are quite happy with them. Sound off if you own one of the devices on this list.

Source: Futuremark