Nexus 5 (not 6!) - APN auto-deleting on MNC change.

Eric Walter

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Feb 15, 2015
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Hello fellow Nexus peoples,

I understand this sub-forum is for the 6, but I couldn't find any other place to post this.

I have a nexus 5 (and am beyond happy with it.)

However, after not having a cell phone plan for about 4 months whilst being unemployed, I finally got a plan (Straight Talk pre-paid) as it is the best option for the area I live in (Poconos, PA.)

Anyway, apparently Straight Talk is kind of a pain to enable when you use their Bring Your Own Phone program, and while I have internet access and SMS/Data enabled, I cannot get MMS to start working.

There are seemingly about a quarter billion different APN settings, to which my knowledge of is less than nothing (; but a lot of them are telling me to change the APN MNC from xxx to 310, which after saving after EVERY APN change, this is the one that, once changed, deletes said APN from my list.

This is the ONLY APN on my list as a suggestion I found was to remove the ones I'm not using.

I'm lost. Why, if others using a Nexus 5 change this MNC option, does it work for them? Please assist...while not a Straight Talk deal breaker (not being able to send MMS) it would be nice to have!!

Thank you, and sorry again for posting this in the wrong-ish sub-forum, but I'm desperate!