Nexus 4 Double-Take: New Orders Already Shipping; Plus New Pics of the White Nexus 4


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Dec 30, 2010
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We have a couple of news-bites regarding the Google Nexus 4 phone today. First, it looks like at least some of the folks who ordered their new Nexus 4 phone last night have already received "product shipped" emails. This is despite the fact the Google Play Store syas shipping 1-2 weeks. Of course, this is likely just the first round of orders, and the more orders filter into the que, the longer that shipping delay will grow. Still, it's great to see Google/LG getting their act together and handling things in a more organized fashion (although you shouldn't hold your breath because they could still mess it up).


The second morsel for the Nexus 4 is a follow-up to yesterday's story. Apparently, a huge swath of new pics of the white Nexus 4 have been dumped onto the Internet. We have included a couple of them and a link to the full gamut. These new pics really seem to "all but confirm" the existence of the device. If it is a fake, it is the best fake ever.

Source: AndroidCentral