newbie trying to customize droid x


Dec 10, 2010
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I need someone to hold my hand . customizing my new droid x what is the recomendation . Is launcher pro ok or does it slow device down. I'm new to this so I just need some advice on the pros and cons . I want a calendar, clock and weather, good messaging app . wondering if I should use launcher , or just add widgets.

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I use ADW with rubiX. Launcher is good too. Beautiful widgets is nice. I use handcent for my SMS. Stock Email programs
Launcher Pro rocks! Get it on your X, learn how to use and customize it and you'll never look back.

Here's some further recommendations in response to your requests....

- Calendar - Jorte
- Clock - Alarm Clock Plus
- Weather - Weatherbug Elite
- Messaging - I just use the stock app....I know....I know....

I second the LauncherPro. I use it and LOVE it! It is highly customizable, can get extra icons and dock backgrounds, and its simple to use I think. I use handcent SMS and love it. I use the stock email apps; I use Agenda Widget for my calendar needs. My device doesn't run slow, so I think you will be ok with most of what you choose, unless its like a task manager or something... My device did run slower when I decided to test out Advanced Task Killer just to see how slow it would make the device. The DX does a great job of keeping things shut down that need to be shut down on its own. I use Weatherbug Elite and I love the Beautiful Silent widget that toggles the vibrate option with just a touch. I also use Dolphin Browser HD for my browser and like it better than the stock browser. Hope that helps! Congrats on getting the DX!

wow thanks you guys that's really awesome . the girl at the verizon store installed the app killer jakub slowing me down using voice recognition lol

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and what about wave secure

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Yeah... they love to install a task killer telling you that you NEED the task killer... I use my phone heavily throughout the day both texting, a few calls, and angry birds (I'm addicted to that damn game...) and I just plug my phone in each night. I can easily go all day long on a single charge and if I wanted to, could go into the next day, however then I would probably end up killing it in the middle of the day and while I am at college I can't plug it in, so I just charge it every night. Get rid of the task killer... the DX doesn't need it.
Launcher Pro is laggless. I have used ADW extensively, great start, but it will lagg, and don't expect instant screen response with ADW, but LPP? Yes, better than sense, as it replaces that GAWD awful disk three function drawer and gives you power to crank up the functionality of it. A learning cure and brain are required ; )
thanks a lot you guys very helpful 237 am and I'm still playing with widgets!!!!!!

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Cool I liked jorge will check smooth

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My phone is now freezing up and powering down also last night when charging would not power on had to cal l tech support just did it again anyone know why

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