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Feb 28, 2011
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Sewickley, PA
I'm trying to root my droid 1 using instructions from MotoCache1 post. When I try to flash the SBF file I get a Critical Error: DEA1 message on my phone. I've been able to recover by doing a hard boot (removed the battery to restart it). I'm running Windows 7 had no issues with running RSD Lite. I have read the instructions of "catching the boot" but the message appears on the phone as soon as I hit start on RSD lite. Please give me some advice- Thanks
So your phone was running 2.3.340 right?

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First make sure you have the right sbf file. Which would be the 2.3.320 then make sure you are in bootloader screen on phone and it should be smooth sailing from there.

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Welcome to the forum. If you haven't fixed your problem yet, head over to the Rescue Squad section. Its a section dedicated to solving problems like yours. Good luck.
Welcome to the forum. If you are still having troubles rooting your D1 please see the link in my signature that may give you some answers. If not click on my Rescue Squad link and we can help you there.
I want to thank everyone who has offered to help. I finally was able to root the droid after learning how to properly "catch the boot" as described by MotCache1. To anyone following his detailed and comprehensive instructions, remember to also run the "" program before you run the "Install/sdcard/ (deprecated)". His instructions are clear but in my excitement of catching the boot I missed this step. Thanks for all of your support!!